6 Simple Ways To Feel Grounded

Personally, it’s a struggle to feel and stay grounded while travelling around pet sitting. When I feel ungrounded I feel unstable and anxious. Thankfully there are a few things I do to stay grounded no matter where I am. Here are 6 simple ways to stay grounded all year round:

  1. Get out in nature and amongst animals: This one is particularly easy for me because I’m surrounded by animals through my job. Taking your dog for a walk is an easy way to feel grounded. If you don’t have animals visit a farm or go for a nature walk.
  2. Exercise: We all know exercise gives you endorphins and this chemical feeds a healthy and happy brain. Exercising is great for the body and soul, 30-minutes flies by when you’re doing something you love. Try stretching, yoga, walking, swimming, weightlifting- all the good things.
  3. Put your phone away: come back down to earth and leave social media behind for a few hours. Getting off your phone and doing something technology free is a sure way to ground yourself. Try colouring, journaling, or painting.
  4. Put your bare feet on the grass: I know, sounds weird. But don’t knock it till you try it. Its a great way to come back down to earth and appreciate all this world has to offer.
  5. Tune into all of your senses: name things you can see, smell and touch.
  6. Play music: instrumentally or via Spotify. Music drasticially changes my mood and I know it’ll change yours too.

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