For those coming out of summer and into winter, the shock on the body is real.
Apparently, according to science, the drop in temperature increases our appetite, while the lack of sunlight decreases our happy brain chemicals, what a combo.
So what do we do to get through the colder months? Here are some ideas:

  • Take vitamins to help our production of vitamin D and B12.
  • Reach out for support, discover who your safe people are and lean on them. Also, seek professional help if needed.
  • Find a music playlist that makes you happy and dance!
  • Eat foods rich in omega fatty acids.
  • Go to bed earlier and make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of rest.
  • Find exercises that you enjoy and move your body.

There’s no quick fix for getting through the colder months, it’s all about consistency but hopefully, these tips were able to help.

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